Cleanliness and Maintenance of The University City of Sharjah

We work hard to make the University City clean, organized and free of faults

We work to clean and maintain all institutions and facilities in the university city!

More than 100

Recycling Containers

15 square kilometers

Coating city pavements and lamps


Over 100 technicians for cleaning & periodic maintenance!

We are working on the maintenance of public facilities and the infrastructure of the university city


in both the morning & evening periods

More than 80

vehicles dedicated for the cleanness of the University City of Sharjah

15 Kilometers

is the size of the area that we take care of.

4,454 Lamppost

Maintenance, cleanness, and polishing of the lamps periodically

*Figures and statistics were prepared by Department of cleanliness and Maintenance in the University City of Sharjah.

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