Landscape in The University City of Sharjah
Once entering the University City you will notice the distinctive green areas.

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Square meters, the area of green land in the University City of Sharjah, which is equivalent to the area of 570 football stadium!

6 Nurseries

Distributed around the University City


kinds of beautiful seasonal flowers!


More than 500 gardener to cover the vast green areas in the University City of Sharjah

31,117 Tree

Including flowering trees, fruit trees and shading trees

65,872 Shrubs

Nearly the number of lighting poles in the Sharjah!


Recycled Water and Borewell Water


Organic fertilizers and recycled composts

4,454 Palm Tree

We don’t use PEST control unless necessary

Please help us to keep the University City of Sharjah clean and beautiful

* Numbers and statistics were prepared by the Landscape Department in the University City in Sharjah

Date: 07/02/2016

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