Sharjah University City participates in GITEX Technology Week 2017

Saturday – October 07, 2017

Sharjah University City has announced the launch of its new internal “clock” system, and the system will be launched at GITEX 2017, as part of new applications. Dallah” system, which is part of the internal “clock” system, seeks to provide a new and innovative way of hospitality that facilitates the user, both as a guest and an employee, and to determine what they want through the application.

Application features:

The system allows the users to request what they want from hot or cold beverages, with the possibility of determining the characteristics related to the request in terms of the amount of sugar and milk, or request biscuits as a side, small bakery and others. The system can be used through the tablet or desktop computer of the employee. Furthermore, the application can send requests from University City guests’ room, and every person will receive their order based on the location they ordered from.
There is also two other “clock” systems, which are responsible of the internal affairs of the University City of Sharjah and for the smooth and efficient work flow.